Our covers are constructed from breathable Tyvek® fabric, which allows residual moisture from the cleaning process to evaporate. Extremely durable, anti-static 1422A Tyvek® material resists tearing and puncturing.

To minimize particulates, our Tyvek® raw material is spread and cut with a sophisticated, CAD system, inside an ISO8 cleanroom; and finished (sewn) and packaged in ISO6.

Unlike our competition, our larger sized covers are individually packaged in labeled, heat sealed poly bags, showing the part number, lot numbers and date of manufacture for complete traceability and protection from particulate contamination risks, after the case has been opened. Our Muffs are packaged in conveniently labeled poly bags of 100 pieces, whereas our competitors bulk pack them in poly bags of 1,000.

Certificates of conformance are always sent with every shipment of products.

Tyvek® Equipment Cart Covers

Tyvek® Equipment Cart Covers – Grey