When it comes to autoclave sterilization, Keystone Cleanroom Products is proud to provide an unrivaled range of equipment and component prep packaging alternatives. We use top of the line materials to offer both “in-process” and final packaging options for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Our products are designed to increase compliance, lessen the risk of microbial and particulate contamination, as well as reducing labor costs and production time. Our Tyvek® based, pre-made bags and elasticized covers are often the ideal solution to some of the most difficult problems such as:

  • Uneven steam penetration
  • Excessive handling and manipulation of the equipment during wrapping
  • Shelf life limitations
  • Sharp edges, points, corners breaking through
  • Excessive and inconsistent use of autoclave tape
  • Heavy equipment
  • Irregularly shaped change parts
  • Paper/Plastic Autoclave pouch failures
  • Too much reliance on aseptic technique during unwrapping and setup activities
  • Extended drying cycles
  • Residual moisture after drying

Bags, Tubing and Wrappers


Clean-Peel Bags and Tubing


Stopper Bags and Tubing


Stopper Bowl Cover


Mini Muff Covers