Keystone Cleanroom Products specializes in designing and manufacturing customized, cleanroom apparel packs, which might include a Tyvek®, SMS or Keyguard™ material coverall, a hood, high-top boots and a facemask all in one convenient package.

Disposable Cleanroom Apparel packs can be used as the primary gowning for smaller operations that cannot justify the cost of a reusable contract. These are also a good choice when working with oncologic products where cross contamination with other garments during re-processing is a concern.

These Cleanroom Apparel packs are also an excellent backup to reusables; or a good choice to use during activities that may have a high risk of damaging the expensive reusable garments.

Each pack is designed, assembled and packaged to facilitate the adherence to the customer’s specific; and established cleanroom gowning SOPs. We can mimic the folding and presentation of the pack contents with that of your current reusable or disposable source.

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